Mt. Rogers Festival Information

2016 Brochure
2016 Brochure

The Mt. Rogers Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue Squad proudly serves the Highlands of Grayson County, Virginia.

As part of our fundraising efforts we offer three unique festivals every year. These events offer fun activities for the whole family.

Showcasing traditional arts and music, maple tapping, ramp eating, molasses making and more...  The proceeds are used to support the Mt. Rogers Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue Squad.

Come visit us this year!

2017 Whitetop Mountain Festival Dates:

  • Maple Festival - Mar. 25th and Mar. 26th, 2017
  • Because of Easter the Maple festival is later this year.           
  • Ramp Festival -  May 21st, 2017
  • Molasses Festival -October 8th, 2017

Information on lodging and other attractions in the area is available at the Grayson County website.


Vendors please submit your vending request by letter to: 

Mt. Rogers Volunteer Fire Department & Rescue Squad

P.O. Box 47

Whitetop, VA  24292-0047

or you can e-mail: 

Please include type of vending, space required and contact information where you can be reached.  A member of the organization will contact you about available vending for the festivals. A small fee and an application is required.

Mt. Rogers, Virginia

Mt. Rogers is the highest Peak in Virginia.  Elevation 5,729 Feet.  Named for William Barton Rogers - Founder of MIT and the states first geologist.  Mt. Rogers was formed by volcanic activity 760 million years ago.  The mountain and sorrounding areas are part of Grayson Highlands State Park and the Mt. Rogers National Recreation Area.

If you are traveling to the Mt. Rogers/Whitetop Area be sure to visit the Grayson County Tourism Website.  You can explore the regions top attractions and learn about lodging and other amenities in the area.

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